Be Prepared!!


          In school, especially my English class, my teachers really push us students to be ready, to think things through, and to plan ahead. Last weekend I learned how to truly be prepared.

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Pride VS Humility

So in English class we were reading the Oedipus plays by Sophocles. If you hadn’t read it yet, here’s what happens (Spoiler alert!); This guy named Oedipus is king of the city of Thebes with his wife Jocasta and has two sons and two daughters. Creon, Jocasta’s brother, travels back to Thebes from Delphi, saying they must find the murderer of Laius, the former king. They weren’t able to investigate his murder years ago because the Sphinx was attacking the city, but Oedipus answered her riddle correctly, so she killed herself. Anyway, Teresiaus, the prophet, says that Oedipus is the killer of Laius, angering Oedipus who calls him a “mad old man.” In addition, long ago, Oedipus  received from the oracle of Delphi that he would kill his father and marry his mother. Long story short; Oedipus finds out he married his mother and killed his father, Creon takes over, improsons Antigone, Oedipus’s daughter, for trying to bury her brother Polyneices because he tried to invade Thebes because his brother Eteocles kicked him out. Creon considers killing her, but Haimon, his son and Antigone’s intended husband, says he would die with her. Antigone later kills herself, and Haimon does too, and so does Creon’s wife because her eldest son died. Whew! A lot of other stuff happens, but I won’t get to that. What  really stuck with me was the last five lines; Tis best in world of deed/To shun unholy pride;/Great words of boasting bring great punishments/And so to gray haired age/ Comes wisdom at last.

Lesson is, although defending one’s pride and honor seem to protect one’s image and reputation, it does not hurt to listen to others. The more pride you put in yourself, the greater the shame/suffering you will face. There is a saying that says something like “The higher you are the farther the fall.” We can boast and brag as long as we want, all to make us feel stronger and secure. When we admit that others are right or that we have made a mistake, however, that strength seems to lessen, which is why those who have great pride seem to avoid those experiences by all costs. But if you take the time to listen to others and critique yourself, there would be less likely be a chance of collapsing from the weight of shame. -Heather

Things I’ve learned This Week

1. Don’t describe your abilities until they are tested

So this week, my English teacher Mr. T told us to write an argument-based essay on whether or not the value of privacy in America has declined in 25 minutes to prepare for the SATs next year. I’m a pretty good writer, so I thought ‘Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad!’ NOT. After my first sentence, I felt lost and decided to squeeze in as many details and fancy words as I could in 25 minutes. Good thing this wasn’t the actual test! So I learned that I shouldn’t determine how good I am at something without actually trying it.

2. Cheesecake and Peppermint ice cream are very very very good together

For my Mom’s birthday my grandparents brought over a cheesecake from Marie Callendar’s and some peppermint ice cream to eat together. The creamy soft cheesecake contrasted with the sharp minty peppermint, and just tasted so right! 🙂

3. Running a ton of miles and forever-ending speed workouts and tempos pays off in the end

Yesterday, I PR’d in my cross country race by running 19:33, 1:37 seconds from my PR last year! Over the summer, our cross-country team did workouts like 16-mile LSDs, 2x2mile repeats, etc., and although it wasn’t easy, it paid off! Hard work has its rewards


Fake Music

So last week in English class, Mr. T was talking about music and how pop music is fake. So I thought about this, and you know what? It’s true! If you listen closely to it, you can pick out that its only computerized and not “real” sounding. I mean, it’s not awful, and a lot of pop songs are good, but they’re created by artists and producers only to become POPular, so they can make a lot of money. But what about people who actually love make music and would sing and record songs even if they weren’t popular or didn’t even get paid? That indicates passion. So I thought to myself; Would I choose between doing what I love for a living  and not get paid a lot or doing something I hate and have a sizeable paycheck? That is the question. Now back to pop music- I’m sure pop singers love to sing (obviously) but some I’ve noticed seem to be doing it only for attention so their albums can go platinum. If I was faced with a decision with having to choose between the two, I don’t know what I would pick because I haven’t had do make that choice before. But then again, money can only take you so far until only real dedication and passion can into play.