Things I’ve learned This Week

1. Don’t describe your abilities until they are tested

So this week, my English teacher Mr. T told us to write an argument-based essay on whether or not the value of privacy in America has declined in 25 minutes to prepare for the SATs next year. I’m a pretty good writer, so I thought ‘Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad!’ NOT. After my first sentence, I felt lost and decided to squeeze in as many details and fancy words as I could in 25 minutes. Good thing this wasn’t the actual test! So I learned that I shouldn’t determine how good I am at something without actually trying it.

2. Cheesecake and Peppermint ice cream are very very very good together

For my Mom’s birthday my grandparents brought over a cheesecake from Marie Callendar’s and some peppermint ice cream to eat together. The creamy soft cheesecake contrasted with the sharp minty peppermint, and just tasted so right! 🙂

3. Running a ton of miles and forever-ending speed workouts and tempos pays off in the end

Yesterday, I PR’d in my cross country race by running 19:33, 1:37 seconds from my PR last year! Over the summer, our cross-country team did workouts like 16-mile LSDs, 2x2mile repeats, etc., and although it wasn’t easy, it paid off! Hard work has its rewards



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