Best of Friends, Worst of Enemies

        1524141-superman_flying (2)

 Who knew you could relate comics to an English honors book?!

So I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of superman, right? Well there is this show called Smallivile. It is based on the life of Clark Kent and his adventures leading up and beyond him becoming Superman. If you know anything about Superman, then you know that his arch enemy is Lex Luther. In the Superman movies Lex is out to destroy Superman but no one knows exactly why. According to the show Lex and Clark first met when Lex hit Clark with his car and Clark saved Lex from drowning. After that little incident, Clark and Lex became extremely close friends, almost like brothers, until Lex became obsessed with wanting to know what really happened on the bridge. Clark wouldn’t tell Lex the truth and the two grew apart. Over the years Lex began to go to extremes to find out about Clark. In many cases Lex put other people’s lives in danger.

In the story Oedipus at Colonus, everyone is trying to convince Oedipus to return to Thebes and to let him be buried there. Creon, Oedipus ex-brother-in-law, first shows up being nice and pleading with Oedipus trying to get him to come back. When Oedipus answers Creon with a dead no, Creon’s character changes dramatically. Next thing you know he is practically yelling at Oedipus and threatening him and he even took Oedipus’ daughters hostage.

One thing that I find interesting between the two stories is that both leads were betrayed by someone they thought they could trust. I can really relate Creon to Lex. Both want something so bad that they are willing to go to extremes. Neither of them were necessarily bad or evil in the beginning but over time circumstances and people caused both of them to change. Creon believes that he is doing the right thing for his people by trying to force Oedipus to return. Lex also believes that he is doing the right thing but both of them go overboard and it causes them to lose most of their friends and allies.

In the end both Clark and Oedipus gained something from Lex and Creon. Clark finally became Superman and Oedipus made sure that Theseus and his country would be safe and taken care off.


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