Lizzy Bennet & Antigone

pride_prejudice (2)

One of my favorite stories that I’ve read is Pride & Prejudice. It is an amazing book but it can be pretty hard to read sometimes. In the book the protagonist is Lizzy (Elizabeth) Bennet. She is smart and loves to read and be different. 

While reading Antigone, I connected Lizzy to Antigone. Both Lizzy and Antigone are head strong but will fight for what they believe in. Antigone goes against the rules to bury her brother. Lizzy is herself and doesn’t let society change her or her way of thinking. Antigone spent her adolescences taking care of her father. She never complained and never gave up. Neither will let themselves be changed and will do what is need even if it against the rules. Both girls have these really strong qualities that I would love to have and I admire them for that.


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