A Tale of Two Turkeys

In English right now, we’re reading a Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. It’s a story about the French Revolution, and takes place in France and England, and the story compares life between the two countries during that time period. Now with Thanksgiving coming up around the corner, I realized how we celebrate the holiday from the 1600s compares to the comparisons between England and France in a Tale of Two Cities! Back in the pilgrim’s time, the Thanksgiving feast didn’t have apple or pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes like we do today! In fact, many of the items on the menu ranged from eel to lobster since they were camped right out by the sea. So here’s two video clips comparing today’s Thanksgiving and the pilgrims’s! Enjoy!

After watching the Charlie Brown Christmas, here’s a history on the holiday that explains how the Pilgrims had created the first Thanksgiving.



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