A Line in the Sand


After reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned through my experiences in trying to attain goals but not succeeding, I’ve decided to write a poem on it. Took me a while, but here it is! Hope you guys like it.

“A Line in the Sand

     My toes sink beneath the sand
Each step leading me on
Across the golden strip of land
Which waves collapse upon

They crash and twist with the surf
Then settle with the tide
And reach out towards the open turf
Then retreat once cast aside

Like travelers out to seek
Their hopes and sought-desires
Driven back by the sandy peak
Yet do not hinder, do not tire

As in my present life
My dreams, I cannot gain
Though, not lessening my strife
But resulting in my pain

The line in the sand
Bears ever lasting step
In the midst of where I stand
These scars are left unkept

But troubles are forgotten, lost
In the beauty of the sea
With skies so blue and clouds of cotton
My past is just a memory

As I cast one last glance behind me
On that cool summer day
I can see the waves already
Washing my lines away

                  You may not achieve all your goals and dreams, but that’s okay- life is a long journey and with it comes new goals, new mountains to be climbed,  and more adventures. Sooner then you know it, as you’ll be enjoying this new stage of the journey, when you find that your former ones are merely a distant memory.

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