Guacamol E and Chips

When we think of moles, we think of cute brown fuzzy balls of fur with tiny eyes and a long snout, right? Or you might think of an annoying bump of skin with a few stray hairs. But often times, you probably wouldn’t think of mols. Now, what are mols? A mol is the number of atoms in 12 grams of carbon, which is 6.022×10^23, and they’re used to measure the quantity of each element in the periodic table, multiplied by that element’s average mass. So, one mol for each element is the same-6.022×10^23!


Just to give you an image of you huge that number is, imagine a blanket of marshmallows 19 kilometers thick that covered every inch of the Earth, which would be one mol of marshmallows. That’s a lot of marshmallows!

 Q: Hey Heather, what’s the number of moles in 80g of Na(sodium)?

  A: The average atomic mass for Na is 22.99, which equals 1 mole, so now we need to know how many moles there are in 80g of the element. Let’s set up an equation; 22.99g/1 mole x 80g/?mols  Now multiply across with 80×1=80, divide that by 22.99, and you’ll get 3.5 mols of sodium.

Q: Why do some people leave the pit of an avocado in the guacamole?  I’m just curious.

A: Good question! Now, avocados, or hydrocarbon hydroxide, has a chemical formula of R(OH)2 and its cells contain an enzyme, or a catalyst that speeds up chemical reactions, called polyphenol oxidase. R represents the hydrocarbon radical, which is a hydrocarbon molecule in which at least one or more hydrogen atoms have been removed, and because it cannot exist by itself, it bonds with other substances. Anyway, once the avocado is cut up, some cells are broken, polyphenol oxidase is released into the air to react with oxygen, so the avocado undergoes oxidation, turning from green to brown. So the pit is placed in the guacamole to act as physical barrier against oxidation to keep the guacamole green! Source:

                                           This is the formula for the guacamole once it reacts with oxygen

                                                                    Last but not least……………. Here’s some yummy pictures of avocado recipes! Just looking at these makes me hungry




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