Go Your(and God’s) Own Way

We all have our ways in life; to getting what we want, to behavior, to getting good grades, etc. The thing is, we never really question; Is this right? Will this bring me only temporary happiness? Will this hurt me in the long run? I faced these questions when I went to church for the first time in my life today with my friend Hunter. There, the pastor led a sermon about God’s gift to us (Jesus), and how we don’t recognize that Jesus was the greatest gift of all time. Nowadays, we satisfy ourselves with only momentary happiness but forget about pleasing God, and going His way. Society today has shaped us into literally relying on the IDEAS of being fabulously wealthy, famous, and beautiful, tricking us into thinking that it would give us eternal peace, but it actually causes us to crave for more, like Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. chunkymonkey
Now, to me, I found this all very interesting, but it also seemed overwhelming and complicated. Just like English Honors 2 class! Reading 3 chapters a day of a Tale of Two Cities, trying to translate the text into the modern dialect, in addition to symbolism, mood, characters, etc can be VERY overtaxing. In the novel, Sidney Carton, or “the jackal,” is a drunkard, nobody likes him, and he is so disappointed in himself that he feels doomed to failure and that he is unworthy of comfort. In the book, Sydney went his own way, without God in his life, and as a result, fell to poverty and the verge of collapse. Most of us aren’t like Sydney though, and back to me feeling overwhelmed, I asked; Have I been greedy? Have I been putting pleasing myself before God? Are my goals right, meaning they’re approved by God? At the end of the day, however I came down to a conclusion; Even though my way would not exactly follow the path of appeasing Christ, just having God in my life and praying to Him every day along with making the right choices is allright. I know, it isn’t perfect but it’s something, and sooner than later, that something is bound to turn into something greater than myself. I just need to go my own way, while following God’s plan.



One thought on “Go Your(and God’s) Own Way

  1. noahcarrxc1 says:

    Totally agree! Nice article.

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