Humor;Another Defense Against the Universe

So in English this week, we took a break from themes about tragedy, romance, and heartbreak (Which make up about 90% of the novels that would be considered AP English novels), and decided to focus on comedy. So to learn more about comedy, we watched Galaxy Quest ( A very funny movie) to learn about the different types of comedy and how they are used in the movie. Humor in Galaxy Quest is meant to act as a distraction, to keep the audience from focusing on the big picture-That they (The actors) are stranded in the middle of the universe, being constantly pursuited by the evil Cerrus, and have almost zero chance of making out alive. However, the viewers can’t help but laugh along at the funny parts and comedy, taking their attention away from peril and towards optimism. My favorite quote: By Grabthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged! Alan Rickman, who plays Alex who plays the role of Dr. Lazarus in the fictional TV show, and also Professor Snape in ‘Harry Potter,’ is AMAZING in this film and so funny!



Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! A new year, a new YOU! Hahahahahaha….I hear that every time when the season comes around on fitness and diet magazines, so its gotten pretty old. I mean, you’re still yourself, but just altered so that you fit someone else’s perspective on beauty, smartness (which should be a word), etc.

Anyway, I just finished a Tale of Two Cities! It wasn’t that bad, really, for an English Honors 2 required novel. I got really confused on some parts, but  I managed to apply what I had learned over the summer after reading the oh-so-intensifying/gripping ‘Mythology’ By Edith Hamilton (Not!). For example, in one of the paragraphs, it was talking about wine and the people going crazy and killing the nobles with blood running through the streets, and in one sentence it used the word ‘Bacchanalian.’ Mr. T, my English teacher, called on a few others to ask them what they knew what it meant, but they didn’t know. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in my head.


Baccus was the Roman name for Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. So Dionysus=Baccus=Wine=Drunkeness=Doing violent stuff like murder= the angry bloodthirsty mob of peasants in a Tale of Two Cities! So I got it correct!

Now back to more important matters- New Years Resolutions! For me as a runner, I have mostly runner goals- like breaking 5:30 in the 1600 and 12:00 in the 3200. Not easy goals, but achievable ones. I’m also thinking of making my own recipe! If you’ve seen my older posts, you would find a recipe on Heather’s Homemade Honeybread. Which by the way, is very good, but I want to go beyond that.


                   1. The Italian Avocado Sandwich; Two slices of homemade bread. Between the bread, homemade guacamole on top of sliced eggplant fried in olive oil with garlic, which are both on top of a layer of mozzerala cheese.

                   2.  Cranberry Tartlets with an Almond Butter Crust; Almond mixed in to a graham cracker crust, pressed gently against the sides of each hole in a cupcake tray. Drizzle honey over the bottom of each crust and then put cranberries in the cup.

  If you have any suggestions for me or any New Year’s Resolutions you’d like to share, don’t be afraid to comment! I don’t bite 😉 And last but not least, have a totally amazing 2014!