Humor;Another Defense Against the Universe

So in English this week, we took a break from themes about tragedy, romance, and heartbreak (Which make up about 90% of the novels that would be considered AP English novels), and decided to focus on comedy. So to learn more about comedy, we watched Galaxy Quest ( A very funny movie) to learn about the different types of comedy and how they are used in the movie. Humor in Galaxy Quest is meant to act as a distraction, to keep the audience from focusing on the big picture-That they (The actors) are stranded in the middle of the universe, being constantly pursuited by the evil Cerrus, and have almost zero chance of making out alive. However, the viewers can’t help but laugh along at the funny parts and comedy, taking their attention away from peril and towards optimism. My favorite quote: By Grabthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged! Alan Rickman, who plays Alex who plays the role of Dr. Lazarus in the fictional TV show, and also Professor Snape in ‘Harry Potter,’ is AMAZING in this film and so funny!




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