Unrequited Love

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In the Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, there is a sad story of unrequited love between Sydney Carton and Lucie Manette, which later becomes Darnay. Carton is in love with Lucie throughout most of the book and she does not know of Sydney’s feelings until he confess his feelings to her.


In the newly made movie The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones based off the book series by Cassandra Clare, the protagonist is Clary Fray who’s best friend is Simon Lewis. Just like Carton, Simon is in love with Clary and has been for a long time. Throughout the entire book Clary has no idea that Simon loves her.
Carton is a sweet and hardworking man who doesn’t believe in himself and honestly believes that no person, especially a woman, could ever love him. Even his boss and partner in law, Stryver, takes credit for all of Carton’s work. Carton is also a drunk and he uses the drinking as another excuse for a girl to not like him. When Carton first met Charles Darnay, Lucie’s future husband, Carton does not really care for him but he helps Darnay anyways. Later on, when Carton found out about Charles and Lucie, he disliked Darnay for taking the woman that he loves but Carton knew that Charles would make Lucie happy, since Carton could see that she truly loved Charles back.


In The Mortal Instruments, Simon is seen by Clary as a brother and not a boyfriend but Simon never realized that. During the story Clary meets a shadowhunter named Jace Wayland. Clary and Jace begin to fall in love and Simon sees this happening and doesn’t know what to do about it. Simon sees Jace and Clary kiss and he is completely upset about it and practically yells at Clary that he loves her and that completely stuns her. After awhile Simon was able to except Clary and Jace’s relationship, but just like Carton, Simon still loved Clary.

Carton, in the end of the book, does the one thing he could do to help Lucie and to make sure she would be happy. He scarified himself to save Charles. Even though he knew that Lucie would never love him, he also knew that she would never be able to live without Darnay. Through everything Carton did and said to make him seem like an indecent man, he ended up showing everyone that was the best man out of them all.

Simon, through all the problems with Clary, Jace and other characters, still remained Clary’s best friend and was able to help her through many situations and even told her to be with Jace, eventually.

Lily Collins;Jamie Campbell Bower

The people like Simon and Carton in life are the ones who will surprise you the most but will always be there for you, no matter what happens. Sorry if you hadn’t read A Tale of Two Cities or read/watched The Mortal Instruments because this entire post is a spoiler, so sorry again if I ruined anything for you. Hehe 🙂


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