The Chestnut Trees

For History class we had to right a response to a painting from the first impressionist exhibition. I chose to write a story and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you like it.

The Chestnut Trees

            Two girls sat at the base of a chestnut tree. It was midsummer and both girls were slowly dozing off. The younger girl with her short light brown hair was falling asleep with her face in a book. The older girl with long dark brown hair was staring up through the tree’s canopy and watching the sun try to shine its beautiful light through the widespread branches. The girls had been out there for hours and both knew that it would be time to go in soon but neither wanted to leave their peaceful seat among the trees.

Suddenly something began to creep its way out from behind a tree opposite to the girls. Only the older girl had noticed the sound, for the younger one had fallen asleep with the book lying on her lap. The older girl had been distracted by looking at her sister so she had not noticed a golden brown rabbit slowly hop his way out from behind the tree. When the girl finally realized the rabbit was there she locked eyes with it for a moment and she could have sworn that the rabbit had bowed his head toward her, as if to gesture a polite greeting.

“Impossible,” she thought to herself. It was just absurdly mental to believe that a rabbit would ever gesture a hello to begin with.

The girl once again returned to her gazing at the tree and sun once she had convinced herself that what she thought she saw she actually did not. The older sister soon became aware of the fact that something was watching her. She looked down and once again locked eyes with the golden brown rabbit and once again he bowed his head in the polite gesture of saying hello. The girl was completely stunned by the reoccurrence of this action.

“What is this? How can this be?” asked the girl as if she expected an answer. Most interestingly though she did receive an answer.

“Child it is just my way saying hello, as you could have guessed and it is possible because I am not just some ordinary and mute rabbit,” replied the golden creature.

The girl was utterly stunned into silence. After a moment she was able to find her voice and she replied, “I must be dreaming for it is impossible for a rabbit such as youself to speak.”

“But child what makes such a thing as speaking impossible for me solely because I am indeed a rabbit?”

“Logic” is the only answer the girl could give for that is what she had been taught. That if you want to explain something you must use logic.

“Child, you do not even understand what that word means and in my world in does not even exist.”

“How can a world exist without logic?” question the girl.

“The world exists with imagination and wonder there is no logic,” retorted the rabbit.

“How most curious a thing you are, my dear rabbit.” Spoke the girl with a hint of interest in what the rabbit had just spoken of.

As she watched the rabbit, she watched the way the sunlight reflected off of the golden fur. But wait, no it was like the light was coming off the rabbit and not from the sun.

“How most curious a thing he truly is,” she thought to herself.

“People of your world will never understand those of mine Child, so I would wish that you do not speak to anyone of this encounter, that is beside for your sister,” said the golden rabbit.

“Oh yes my little sister, she will love to hear of you.”

“Or better she may truly speak to me but not at this time for it is now time for you two to return to your home,” spoke the rabbit matter of factly.

“Oh must it be time already?” pleaded the girl.

“Yes it is time but when you wish to see me again all you must do is come back to this spot under the chestnut trees and call for me and I shall be here,” responded the rabbit.

“What do I call when I wish to see you?” inquired the girl.

“Call for Peter and I will appear. Wake your sister and go home for we will talk another day,” assured rabbit.

The girl had to shake her little sister awake and as the girls were leaving, the older one turned around to say one last thing to the creature behind her that her sister could not see.

“Good bye and good day, Peter,” the girl spoke softly.

“And to you, Child,” replied the rabbit while again repeating the gesture of bowing his head to her.

The girl turned back around and ran the rest of the way back to house with her sister, laughing and playing the entire way to the house. The rabbit smiled and laughed to himself.

“Do not lose that wild imagination young Lornia and do not let little Alice lose hers either for both of you will need it in this mad, mad world,” spoke Peter with the wonder and knowledge of many worlds.


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