The Willow Tree

My second poem! 🙂

The Willow Tree

A path in the forest

Dirt trodden and bare

A chorus of birds

Chirp in the air

Down it leads

Through the dark green trees

Past a fast- flowing river

In a cool fall breeze

To a rolling grass field

Where a willow tree stands

A branch reaches out

Where a mockingbird lands

Here all is quiet

Not a soul tries to fight it

The tree stands alone

But with silence beside it

Then the forest remembers

What below the tree lays

And flashes back

To that one summer day

T’was a year of war

Peace seemed nevermore

With blue fighting gray

Shook the land to its core

Soldiers in gray

Camped down by the field

With the rains as their lance

And the trees as their shield

A soldier in blue

Marches steadily through

The woods, slightly nervous

But knows what to do

Rain wettened the ground

Which formed into mud

So the blue soldier slipped

And fell with a thud

The soldiers in gray

Heard a loud bray

And ran towards the spot

Where the blue soldier lay

There they tied a sack

‘Round the blue soldier’s head

They marched back towards the camp

To the tree in the mead

The gray soldiers’ captain

Ordered his men

To hang up a noose

On the tree branch’s end

After only a moment

The soldier hanged dead

The deed had been done

Not a word had been said

The captain then, just in case

Searched for life, any trace

Untied the sack




His brother’s


Now where a willow tree stands

On a cool Autumn day

A mockingbird lands

And then flies away




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