It’s Ragnarok Day- watch out!

So today, if you don’t know yet is….. the Viking Apocalypse! In Norse mythology, today, February 22nd, 2014 is the Twilight of the Gods. There, Surt the Fire Giant, will set Asgard, the home of the Gods, on fire. Midgard the Serpent, will splash its tail in all directions, sending huge waves towards land, and engulfing an enormous amount of the earth in a severe flood. A giant wolf, Fenrir, was originally tied up by the gods but on Ragnarok, he breaks his chain and kills Odin, king of the gods. Its World War 3, with the gods versus the demons, and they all kill each other in the end.

norse myth

The weird thing is, the gods knew that Ragnarok was coming, and they could do absolutely nothing to prevent it. They just went on with their lives, and was it came, they would be ready to die with honor! Now that’s true courage. It teaches us that courage is knowing that you had a duty to perform, and being willing to carry out that duty to  the best of your abilities, no mater what the cost.

I can relate to that- I know that in running someday I’m going to have a killer workout pop right out of the blue, and I’m going to have to finish it, whether it be 12x400s, 5x1000s, a tempo, mile repeats, etc. I know my legs will feel heavy, my tongue will feel like sandpaper, and my heart will be pumping out of my chest,  but I need to push those things aside and get the job done.



3 thoughts on “It’s Ragnarok Day- watch out!

  1. Ali Rios says:

    I have a question for you Heather, would you allow for the death of a piece of yourself for a goal that you desire or feel that you need?

    This might get a little long because I feel that you know some of the weight that I carry with me because your essay topics seem to be on par with my problems in daily life. I won’t ask for your opinion because too many have shown me that my thoughts are truly my world that no one can understand, only me.

    end.disclaimer (When you introduce programming language into your essays; breaking from the expectations of AP lang.).

    The question I that I have asked you, when answered by my self I can’t say that I am completely happy like the box man and content with the choices I make like he is. When reading your essay about how we are cogs made just for society’s needs really hits me on a deep level, the basis of my reason to live could be solely based on answering that question that is will I ever be making the decisions I want and not caring what the world thinks. I have come to an answer that of which is no… If I was able to I don’t think there wouldn’t be a reason for this world to exist, I have learned from a Bruce Lee quote that in order for this world to be a simple one that I could enjoy and be content with like the box man is to go with the flow of the world and the way it moves, and if I do that I feel as though one could become one with them selves and the universe.

    “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus

    For me to have learned such wisdom that is to go with the flow of things is hard for me to apply just like when I felt I lost a part of myself, like they say every ending has a new beginning, but you never lose yourself really you only gain a new beginning.

    P.S. Didn’t realize this was your blog until recently; Love it, glad to have stumbled upon this within my journey in this world.

    • candy9201 says:

      Hi Ali,

      Wow…thank-you for all the comments you gave on my posts! They’re very considerate, and I appreciate them. As for the “masterpiece” from my “Cogwheels” post, I still have a fondness for that writer who stuck to the classics years ago. However, I also have the same fondness for the writer I am as of now, and for the writer to which I will evolve to in the future.

      As for being a “cog” of society, remember: You are a part of this society, but simply technically; not emotionally, not ideologically, and especially not spiritually. Thus, once you attribute a part of yourself, no matter how slight, to an essay, you are highlighting the fact that you ARE an individual; whatever you make IS a work of art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Value exists so far as we see it, and one should not feel the need to exert your beliefs, ideas, etc. too heavily in an essay if it is not required.

      This especially deviates from the part of my essay where I had criticized an essay from freshman year. Yes, I can still see the faults and technicalities from where I could have asserted myself more, have made a stronger point, etc.–yet I also value that experience because it had led on to something greater (I am a more competent writer now). I don’t see myself as a “cog” in any way back then. Rather, it was one of a series of progressive steps towards achieving the place where I am today.

      I recognize living, as of now, not to be so much as divided between those who TRULY live and those confined to the ideals of society, but simply a progression towards the great Ahead, all led by a keen awareness of the gift that is the present moment. Ali, you are on that pathway to progression, whether you choose to be or not; while society is only the community which surrounds you, YOU rule yourself indefinitely and absolutely for as long as you live.

      That is not to say that you should be content to go with “the flow of things”; yes, AP prompts may seem to sponge out the expressive juices of the writer’s pen from time to time. Yet I apologize for not mentioning this in my last comment: this does NOT restrict you. While it may seem static and distant at times, remember–it is only an essay. It is only a prompt. And ANYTHING you can give yourself towards that IS a part of yourself because it is your writing, your ideas, etc. NO ONE can write that essay as you can. No one can think the way you can. No one can live, learn, GROW the way you can. Simply dedicate yourself to the task at hand, and remember that the final result, whatever it may be, is as much as a part of you if were to score a 9 or a 1–yet whichever score you may receive, it is only a step forward in progression.

      It is important to be open-minded. Although AP prompts, etc., may seem foreign–embrace them! They may seem distant, apart–yet they are only their to help us to grow, to continue discovering ourselves. Life isn’t about becoming one’s self–you are already there. It is about UNDERSTANDING one’s self. I could write thousands upon thousands of posts upon people who have spent their whole lives looking for themselves. I would rather write three upon those who understood something about themselves. The ones who realized that the world around them, although perceptively restrictive and foreign at times, was in fact full of opportunities to become more aware and more self-aware. They have realized, according to your case, that the unknown did not makes themselves unknown to themselves, but they had KNOWN themselves to a greater extent by choosing to progress through life’s niches, its bumps, its cracks. They did not “go with the flow”–reaching an understanding indicates a struggle to reach a higher level of awareness, so the conflict is there–but rather they had gone with their consciousnesses and all that they had learned, and the final result stemmed from a decision that ultimately was conceived within themselves.

      So, Ali: The world is full of unknowns and dislikes and its seemingly-overreaching restrictions–yet one should be open-minded to embrace them, and keep in mind that they are all only opportunities to grow and develop a greater understanding of ourselves and this crazy universe we live in. To do so is not “cog-like,” but enlightening. And, to answer your question: I know that myself is evolving constantly, and this progression ultimately defines my state of being. A goal that I desire/feel that I need does not detract from that, but it allows me to continue to evolve as I have been. I define myself. Whether I choose to be a “divergent thinker” or simply a “cog” is ultimately up to me, and only I alone can classify myself as such.

      I may not be able to reply in the future, as I am extremely busy now (For your information), but I am confident in you and wish you all the best,


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