1 Second to Soon

You know that feeling- You’ve set a goal for yourself, a really good, solid goal. For say, the time you decided- okay, I’m going to get an A in math at the end of this semester! You know it won’t be easy, but you are confident you’ll pass the class with flying colors once you start working your butt off. In the end however, after nights of droopy eyelids with cramped backs crouched over a dim light to work on problems for hours, you just miss you goal by receiving an 89.9%! And you’re teacher is a real pain in the donkey, so you finish the class with a B+, not even an A-! I’ve felt that feeling many times before, most recently over the events this past weekend.

So this week I had two track meets, one was a dual and another was the Redondo Nike Invitational! At the dual I PR’d in both the 1600 (commonly known as the mile) and ran a  the 3200 (also known as the two mile). Redondo is a really big deal, and I really wanted to break 12 minutes for the 32oo, but went out WAY too fast, and came a second behind my PR. ONE SECOND!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 I felt exactly like Edmund Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo, when he lost his dream of being with those he loved, but was betrayed thrown in prison, and did a bunch of other stuff that I don’t want to spoil because the book is so good! Anyway, I’m sure you’re expecting me to write a big old story about it, but not this time. This time, I’m showing you guys a video about arguably the greatest high school runner in the history of America, Sarah Baxter! In 2012 at the most famous high school cross-country meet in the planet, the Mt. Sac invitational, she broke the record for the extremely hilly, 3-mile course by 16 seconds running a 16 FLAT! That was when she was junior. Now last year, in 2013, there was all this pressure on her to break 16, and although she came close to doing so running the senior course record (16:11!), she fell short of running a 15:59. However, she’s still one of, if not THE best girl high school runner in America. I think we should take it from her, and look at ourselves- Just because we fell short of our goals doesn’t mean we can’t achieve them later, neither does it diminish our reputations. We just need get some more lemons and make some really good lemonade (I’m sorry I’m just craving lemonade now :P). Anyway, here’s the video!Enjoy!

CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE IT MORE CLEARLY!!!!!!! I’m sorry I tried doing a collage but it came out a little blurry 😦

lemonquotes                                        -Heather


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