Amazing Grace

Hello again! So I’ve been searching around you tube when I came across this amazing version of ‘Amazing Grace!’ Its so beautiful and as a Christian, I was deeply moved. These days, society  doesn’t pay that much attention at all to religion, and atheism is on the rise. Now, I’m not saying I don’t like atheists-In fact, many of my best friends are atheists! But from what I’ve noticed, people have decided not to believe in God simply because they don’t see or hear him, don’t want “to deal” with all the religious customs, etc. What’s ironic is that most people in poor countries have much more faith in the Lord than those in America and other nations!

Now why is that? You may expect people in third world countries to have less faith in God because many of them, like Edmond Dantes from TCOMC, have been stripped of their belongings, pushed out of their homelands, and thrown into horrible prisons, and so they would feel that He has favored them less. But their faith is so much stronger than many Americans and others from prosperous nations because they recognize that goodness and hope that lies within the teachings of the Lord for salvation and enlightenment. Christ has opened a doorway for all of us, and through that doorway is heaven, and it is up to us on whether to go through that doorway or not. America and others have become so wealthy (Yes, I’m saying wealthy because quote-unquote “poverty” in America at least has soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. while in Africa toddlers are starving because their parents can’t find work and their crops are failing so to get money  to buy food they have to sell off their ten-year old daughter to a seventy-year old man) that they don’t feel like they have a reason to have faith in Christ because they have already provided for themselves. Though they never consider :


1. Who has provided you the atoms of the metals that form your computer, IPhone, 18-inch TV, and Mercedes-Benz?

2. You keep saying that no one can prove that God exists, but how can you prove that He doesn’t exist?

3. Read the book ‘Heaven is for Real,’ a true story. Then get back to me later.

Atheist Churches are for me, an oxymoron because churches are places of worship of Christ but atheists don’t have a religion. As a Christian, I feel extremely offended because it to me it is a sort of mockery of what God is and Christian devotion. It’s like, say your father died. You were really close to your father and his death made you very sad but overtime you learned to live for him, to follow his bidding and finish what he was unable to finish for you and your family.  But then a group of people come along, and start saying your father never did all the great things he did, he was never the kind, generous man who helped you with your homework, comforted you when you fell off your bike for the first time, etc. They go around, influence your friends to disbelieve that he ever existed, and even construct houses just like the one your father built from his own hands for the sole purpose to preach their  belief in his ever existing  from there.






So I have no problem with atheists simply not believing in God- I just don’t like it when their social gatherings are called churches and they state their beliefs on billboard signs denouncing another’s religion. This post was not a hate-rant on atheists, but I meant it to encourage others to consider following the Lord’s teachings. Rest assured: That doorway will  remain open for eternity, no matter who you are.



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