The Mortal Instruments Vs The Count of Monte Cristo **SPOILER ALERT**


So in English we are reading the book The Count of Monte Cristo. The Count of Monte Cristo is really a man named Dantes. The book is the adventures and misfortunes of Dantes’ life. As I have before mentioned the book series The Mortal Instruments Dantes and the male counterpart to the female lead, Clary, in the City of Bones & The City of Ashes is Jace Wayland.


Jace and Clary at first believe they despise each other and then end up falling for each other and finding out that they were actually brother and sister. In the beginning of the second book Clary is dating Simon ( her best friend) instead of Jace due to that little awkward fact of them being related. Clary does not truly love Simon and Simon learns that he will never love her like she loves Jace and how Jace loves her.


In the Count of Monte Cristo Dantes is in love with Mercedes and due to a great misfortune Dantes is imprisoned for over twenty years. When he comes back he finds out that Mercedes married another man. This man was her cousin who, like Simon, had been in love with Mercedes for a very long time before Dantes’ arrest. He had taken advantage of Dantes’ misfortune and gained a fortune of his own. Mercedes ,like Clary, does not truly love her husband but is still in love with her first love, Dantes.


Even though they are not supposed to be together and Jace badly attempting to stay away from Clary, he actually ends up giving up on staying away from her. *SPOILER* Later on they find out they aren’t related and Jace won’t give up on trying to win Clary back. Because he had pushed her so far away and even to Simon he, like Dantes finding his treasure, Jace came back and won her heart with his shadowhunter charm.                


When Dantes’ escaped from prison he went to the Isle of Monte Cristo and found a buried treasure and using a part of that treasure he bought his title the Count of Monte Cristo. Later he went to Paris where he found Mercedes with her husband and son. From the moment she saw him, Mercedes knew who the Count of Monte Cristo was but, like Clary and Jace at first, they could not be together. In the beginning of the story Dantes had been a somewhat poor sailor. His dad had been completely broke and could barely feed himself. It had been a drastic change from starting out as a poor sailor to ending up being a rich count.


Both Dantes and Jace can be quite arrogant and self-absorbed but they both can be generous and caring. They also have a shared interest in violence and vengeance. I found many similarities between not only the personalities of the count and Jace but also many similarities between their stories. Both men are in love or wish for a love that they can or could not have.




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