Lifetime Goal; Learning Russian

Hi guys! Or should I say привет (pree-vee-et)! Because I have decided to learn Russian! Now I know that some of you guys may be thinking “Why Russian? They’ve invaded Crimea, they’re communists, they hate Americans, and its only spoken by one country, which is super cold and ugly! AH-em <cough cough> First of all, it is the Russian government that invaded Crimea, NOT the Russian people. Secondly, so what if they’re communists? That’s their government, its just different from ours. Thirdly, Russian is VERY similar to  other Slavic languages such as Ukrainian and Latvian, so it is a high possibility that if I become fluent in Russian, it shouldn’t be that difficult in learning those languages. And lastly, Russia is BEAUTIFUL! You who think that have obviously not been to Russia.


 russianwinter        stpetersburg

russiamountains            moscow

So as I said  before,   Russian’s a Slavic language, and right now in school I’m learning Spanish, a romantic language. My home language is obviously English, a Germanic language, which is similar to Spanish in many aspects, but in comparison, Russian is a Germanic language on steroids; There’s a new alphabet called Cyrillic, you have to use the throat a lot more, etc. But it just sounds so……I don’t know just beautiful. 🙂

So maybe I’ll major in Russian in college then move to Russia for a year to make some friends, become fluent in Russian, visit St. Petersburg and Moscow, see Lenin’s body, ride a dog sled, go skiing in Sochi, relax in a sauna, watch a ballet show and open up a pancake house. Who knows? So if any of you reading this post would like to give me some pointers on my journey through the Russian language, feel free because I’ve just started!

So I have to go now to work on my English BRAWL questions 😛 But I’ll keep you guys updated with my progress and hopefully become fully immersed in Russian before I’m thirty.  Until then, до свидания, (doh-svee-dah-nee-yah)!











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