Settling for Nothing

Soooooooooooo track season’s done. And let me say, it was far below expectations. ūüė¶ I ran the 1600m, and I REALLY wanted to break 5:30. But I didn’t. I didn’t even come close. After the race, I felt worn out, frustrated, and extremely disappointed with my performance. Even though track season’s been going well for me and I was THIS CLOSE to breaking 12 minutes in the 2 mile, all my last hopes to PR in the mile were in this one final race.


Life can be tough, and sometimes you just can’t reach your goals. Take instance from ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ Dantes had imagined a happy life with the woman of his dreams, and had arrived home to Marseilles feeling confident that he would succeed into making this dream into a reality. The exact opposite had occurred. Fernand, jealous of Dantes’ relationship with Mercedes, and Danglars, jealous of Dantes’ future as a promising young captain, plotted together, and framed him for plotting with Napoleon by carrying a letter from the Isle of Elba. So Dantes was eventually sent off to the dreaded island prison, the Chateau de If, and only a couple leagues away from his home town and his fianc√©e, who was seduced by Fernand, who became her husband.

Now my situation is obviously not as perilous as Dantes’, but I think that we can all relate to it in one way or another. Of course we all have these big goals in mind, many of these concerning school and getting into certain colleges, such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Princeton, Harvard, etc. But of course you’re going to face competition and there are people who want you to fail so they can succeed.

There are two roads you can take.¬†On one of them, you¬†just give up all together. The first one I like to call the ‘Annie Oakley Road.’

Annie Oakley once said: ‚ÄúAim at a high mark and you’ll hit it. No, not the first time, nor the second time. Maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect.‚ÄĚ

Annie Oakley¬†lived back in the 1800s, but she still retains her position as one of the best shooters who ever lived. Basically, the bottom line to going this¬†way is: “If you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This is obviously a possibility, but Dear Reader, I’m sure I’m boring the heck out of you with such a mainstream tagline. Let’s face¬†the pros and¬†cons¬†of this decision:


1. Trying over and over may wear you out

2. What if you have an even better goal?

3. Takes your focus away from other activities


1. There are no limits to what you can succeed

2. Resilience pays off in the end, and you have something in life to look back upon

3. Dreams are much bigger than other activities

You may ask: Why do you have it listed cons first then pros second? Because the cons are what people are GOING to say to you. They’re going to say you’ll just get tired, that you have other things to do, and there are other things you can accomplish. Everyone lists the good side of never giving up, but no one ever really reflects the possibilities of failing this dream and the cons of achieving it.

You know what I say? CHALLENGE them. Prove them wrong! You might ask yourself: How could a small, insignificant person change the world/ make my mark on the stone of Greatness? Well you know what? Those are the only people that ever have.

So back to my mile time. Wait a second. No, that’s already done. Been there, done that. There’s nowhere to go but up, as George S. Patton once said: “Success is how high you bounce once you hit rock bottom.”

So I’m going to start focusing¬†on the dreams of the future instead. Cross-country season’s coming up; And I’m excited.









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