Movie Review: Rocky (Movie Number One)

This week, My English class and I have just finished watching Rocky, the 1976 movie that earned its place as one of the greatest motion picture of all time, and on e of the most inspiring ones yet.


The setting takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the plot revolves around Rocky Balboa, a dedicated boxer and an enforcer for the heads of a bank.

Rocky is a sort of person whom some may refer to as a “bum;” He is a tall, hefty, middle aged man with a noticeable swagger that can be visible  in the way he carries himself in and outside of the boxing ring, a characteristic that usually works to his advantage when dealing with low-lives and cheap-shots with his muscular, daunting stature he holds over those who look down on him.

However, although these attributes may be looked down upon in one way or another, the viewer is able to look past that and see Rocky for who he really is; A protective, yet kind person who is dedicated to devoting himself fully to his passion (Boxing) and his true love, Adrian.

I think we’re all able to connect with Rocky in one way or another, and I feel like I was connected to him through running.

One of the most famous scenes in the movie is Rocky’s run to the top of this huge building overlooking the city. On his first attempt, he only makes it halfway up the stairs before having to stop and walk the rest of the way. As he practices over and over however, he finally reaches the summit and basks in all his glory.

As a runner myself, I’m well aware of all the strength and toil it takes to reach your goals. Practically all of my cross-country races involve hills, and they come in all shapes and sizes, some are larger than others. They’re not easy to get over, but I know that I can’t stop; If I stop I’m disqualified and unable to run a PR and feel good about myself because I quit over momentary pain.

I’m sure that people have said before to you  that everyone faces hurdles in life, some are big and some are small. But the thing is, once you clear a big hurdle and its finally behind you, you may often forget to look back at all the hard work you’ve put in to recognize it as the accomplishment it is.

When we see challenges as hurdles we see them as setbacks,  a fly in the grape juice, yet another wall we must tear down to pass through.

This differs from looking at them as hills; Hills can’t exactly be knocked down, but with a boatload of determination, a spoonful of grit, and a teaspoon of hope, they can be achieved and conquered. Once you reach the summit of a hill, you can sit back and admire the beautiful view on the valley floor.



I for one, believe that we should stop seeing challenges as hurdles, but instead of hills, as the chance to accomplish something extraordinary rather than to deal with an issue and brush it aside.

So dear reader: Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Turn obstacles into opportunities, take life by the reins and go on the crazy roller coaster ride that will make you alive with the wind and one with the gods.

And many years from now, when you are on your deathbed, look back on that mountain of a hill you just conquered and smile-For the journey was worth every second of it.






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