A Reflection on Society, Nature, and How We Think

It seems to me that there is a growing rift between intellectualism and the factualism-The difference standing that intellectual thoughts are derived from a disciplined mind that absorbs knowledge and makes it his/her own, whereas factualism is concerned with the one-time attainment of  (often times meaningless) facts, which in today’s world, takes place on the internet, primarily social media sites. Forth over, this undermines an appreciation for what little intellectual sources are left in this increasingly connected world, where topics are made known of, but are not, in the truest sense, known to the very core. These sources, from my experience, have been found continuously by entering an intimate relationship with solitude; One area superb in furthering this relationship between the abstract corners of the human mind (Wherein, creativity is likely to reside) and one’s own self is found in nature, which I will delve into a particular instance by demonstrating this complexity  below……….

The murky silence hung thick in the air and had enshrouded the campsite in a layer of fog that seeped through the overhead pine tree branches, and descended to embrace the damp soil.

Here I sat on this rock on the edge of a dry bank, with moss clinging to its scraggly granite surface, and observed the sun drowsily awake from its slumber, heeding the divine call: “Let there be light!”

It was 5:45am at Blooms Creek Campground, Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Unlike my hometown, to where I am greeted daily with an outpouring of selfies, twitter fights, flashes of the latest IPhone and luxury cars-here they remain unknown, an alien presence.

There are those who may attribute  my choice as an undertaking to what they perceive to be as loneliness-the unthinkable fate of being deprived of these so-called “necessities”- as a sign of social abandonment.

Phrases such as “I couldn’t live without twitter” or “Why go if there’s no wi-fi?” are  commonly used in rejecting this apparently absurd notion of there being some beauty in seclusion.

My difference of opinion therefore labels me as an outcast among today’s herd of millennials. I am in my element full-throttle in nature; It remained obvious as I sat upon that scraggly granite rock a few feet from a dry river-bed where foliage covered it, a blanket of scarlet, gray, and a variety of shades of green, that my views of serenity differed from those of my peers.’

With no one else  in sight, no depiction of social activity deemed hereditary to anthropogenic nature, I remained by myself.

‘Alone’ is stitched upon my breast, visible to naught the naked eye, but to my present disposition amidst the flora and fauna.

There were other campers residing soundly in their sleeping bags, but they remained foreign-lifeless-in my eyes amidst the bountiful  array of nature before me; Where  birds  flitted to and fro amongst the tree tops, where sunlight peeked out through the cracks and crevasses from the tufts of silver-tinted clouds, and kissed the moist soil, where the squirrels peered out in acknowledgment of  the new day, whose morning rays ignited their chestnut fur ablaze in sheens of fiery copper.

Within this Garden of Eden, I am alone, yet with my thoughts beside me. They sing with the meadowlark high above the leaves that litter the forest floor,  from the top of the steeple-crowned tops of the redwood trees and beyond: “Finally, I am here.”

Within this small plot of soil, isolated from any worldly desires and influences, I had entered a portal unbeknownst to anyone, from my understanding, other than myself.

And I haven’t the slightest regret over my preference to nature.

All is calm. There lies no need to  rush, to lord over momentary interests and trivial matters such as a celebrity’s wardrobe malfunction or the latest Apple product; areas that consist of a superficial exterior envelope a dim, lifeless core.

This forest, within this small plot of virgin earth is unstained, untamed, and pulsing with life; My thoughts are left to wander amongst Her creatures freely as if I were Daedalus and given wings to fly, far away from the obscure tower that constrained my spirit.

With a whisper of a smile wreathed upon my face, I inhaled the sweet air infused with  pine sap, damp soil, and that musky scent of bark from the redwood trees, which lorded over the expanse of wilderness as if proclaiming their natural rights to it, flaunting the enormity of their attributes to the gods among the clouds.

Suddenly, a cool breeze danced by their quivering leaves, which were swept away, and drifted,




————————–to the forest floor.

One lands upon my face. Its fall leaves an imprint of a smile across my countenance; I am Alone, yet have been given the wings to fly-and fly I will. Toeing the granite bricks o’er the valley that meets the rising sun- I take the plunge.

Now gracious reader, I would suggest watching this here video

Before reading this, you may have viewed it with an air of boredom. Or you may have not. But I wish that by watching it now, the serenity I felt intertwines with your sensitiveness to the content presented, and that you attain the admiration and peacefulness I had felt that morning in that very area (Which I, by the way, highly recommend visiting! :D)



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