Inspirational Quote of the Week

Happy June! I decided to make this quote short so I can study for my finals while reading ‘Night,’ so here’s a little quote!





Movie Review: Rocky (Movie Number One)

This week, My English class and I have just finished watching Rocky, the 1976 movie that earned its place as one of the greatest motion picture of all time, and on e of the most inspiring ones yet.


The setting takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the plot revolves around Rocky Balboa, a dedicated boxer and an enforcer for the heads of a bank.

Rocky is a sort of person whom some may refer to as a “bum;” He is a tall, hefty, middle aged man with a noticeable swagger that can be visible  in the way he carries himself in and outside of the boxing ring, a characteristic that usually works to his advantage when dealing with low-lives and cheap-shots with his muscular, daunting stature he holds over those who look down on him.

However, although these attributes may be looked down upon in one way or another, the viewer is able to look past that and see Rocky for who he really is; A protective, yet kind person who is dedicated to devoting himself fully to his passion (Boxing) and his true love, Adrian.

I think we’re all able to connect with Rocky in one way or another, and I feel like I was connected to him through running.

One of the most famous scenes in the movie is Rocky’s run to the top of this huge building overlooking the city. On his first attempt, he only makes it halfway up the stairs before having to stop and walk the rest of the way. As he practices over and over however, he finally reaches the summit and basks in all his glory.

As a runner myself, I’m well aware of all the strength and toil it takes to reach your goals. Practically all of my cross-country races involve hills, and they come in all shapes and sizes, some are larger than others. They’re not easy to get over, but I know that I can’t stop; If I stop I’m disqualified and unable to run a PR and feel good about myself because I quit over momentary pain.

I’m sure that people have said before to you  that everyone faces hurdles in life, some are big and some are small. But the thing is, once you clear a big hurdle and its finally behind you, you may often forget to look back at all the hard work you’ve put in to recognize it as the accomplishment it is.

When we see challenges as hurdles we see them as setbacks,  a fly in the grape juice, yet another wall we must tear down to pass through.

This differs from looking at them as hills; Hills can’t exactly be knocked down, but with a boatload of determination, a spoonful of grit, and a teaspoon of hope, they can be achieved and conquered. Once you reach the summit of a hill, you can sit back and admire the beautiful view on the valley floor.



I for one, believe that we should stop seeing challenges as hurdles, but instead of hills, as the chance to accomplish something extraordinary rather than to deal with an issue and brush it aside.

So dear reader: Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Turn obstacles into opportunities, take life by the reins and go on the crazy roller coaster ride that will make you alive with the wind and one with the gods.

And many years from now, when you are on your deathbed, look back on that mountain of a hill you just conquered and smile-For the journey was worth every second of it.





Settling for Nothing

Soooooooooooo track season’s done. And let me say, it was far below expectations. 😦 I ran the 1600m, and I REALLY wanted to break 5:30. But I didn’t. I didn’t even come close. After the race, I felt worn out, frustrated, and extremely disappointed with my performance. Even though track season’s been going well for me and I was THIS CLOSE to breaking 12 minutes in the 2 mile, all my last hopes to PR in the mile were in this one final race.


Life can be tough, and sometimes you just can’t reach your goals. Take instance from ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ Dantes had imagined a happy life with the woman of his dreams, and had arrived home to Marseilles feeling confident that he would succeed into making this dream into a reality. The exact opposite had occurred. Fernand, jealous of Dantes’ relationship with Mercedes, and Danglars, jealous of Dantes’ future as a promising young captain, plotted together, and framed him for plotting with Napoleon by carrying a letter from the Isle of Elba. So Dantes was eventually sent off to the dreaded island prison, the Chateau de If, and only a couple leagues away from his home town and his fiancée, who was seduced by Fernand, who became her husband.

Now my situation is obviously not as perilous as Dantes’, but I think that we can all relate to it in one way or another. Of course we all have these big goals in mind, many of these concerning school and getting into certain colleges, such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Princeton, Harvard, etc. But of course you’re going to face competition and there are people who want you to fail so they can succeed.

There are two roads you can take. On one of them, you just give up all together. The first one I like to call the ‘Annie Oakley Road.’

Annie Oakley once said: “Aim at a high mark and you’ll hit it. No, not the first time, nor the second time. Maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect.”

Annie Oakley lived back in the 1800s, but she still retains her position as one of the best shooters who ever lived. Basically, the bottom line to going this way is: “If you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This is obviously a possibility, but Dear Reader, I’m sure I’m boring the heck out of you with such a mainstream tagline. Let’s face the pros and cons of this decision:


1. Trying over and over may wear you out

2. What if you have an even better goal?

3. Takes your focus away from other activities


1. There are no limits to what you can succeed

2. Resilience pays off in the end, and you have something in life to look back upon

3. Dreams are much bigger than other activities

You may ask: Why do you have it listed cons first then pros second? Because the cons are what people are GOING to say to you. They’re going to say you’ll just get tired, that you have other things to do, and there are other things you can accomplish. Everyone lists the good side of never giving up, but no one ever really reflects the possibilities of failing this dream and the cons of achieving it.

You know what I say? CHALLENGE them. Prove them wrong! You might ask yourself: How could a small, insignificant person change the world/ make my mark on the stone of Greatness? Well you know what? Those are the only people that ever have.

So back to my mile time. Wait a second. No, that’s already done. Been there, done that. There’s nowhere to go but up, as George S. Patton once said: “Success is how high you bounce once you hit rock bottom.”

So I’m going to start focusing on the dreams of the future instead. Cross-country season’s coming up; And I’m excited.








The Count of Monte Cristo and Random Questions

So I’ve just finished ‘The Count of Monte Cristo!’ Best. Book. EVER. I was enraptured from the very beginning, and I would give it an 11 out of 10! Finally, a novel with a little bit of everything: Humor, romance, action, and  A LOT of suspense.


I’m planning to watch the movie soon-it looks pretty good, and I can’t wait to watch it! I doubt I’ll have a chance anytime soon though because Finals are coming up, so that means I’ll be cramming up the hours by studying. 😛 So dear viewers, here is a list of random questions because I just feel like asking them (Don’t be afraid to respond by commenting! :)): 1. If you could learn any language fluently, what would it be? Why? 2. If you could travel back to a certain time period, who would you meet and what would you do? 3. Do you like running?

I know this isn’t one of my best posts, but sometimes you’ve just got to cut it short every once in a while. Until next time, Hasta la vista!


P.S Here’s the movie trailer from 2002



The Language of the Eye

So I’ve just finished reading Chapter 46 of the Count of Monte Cristo! And to think that even though its an English Honors novel, I actually like the book! No more boring tragedies and romances, and its also easy to understand, unlike A Tale of Two Cities, where its so hard to comprehend what’s going on half the time. One of the characters is  Monsieur Noirtier, who is the father of Villefort, the man who had condemned Dantes to imprisonment simply because the letter he was accused of carrying contained information that would bring shame to his family. Noirtier is an old man, and was once an active Bonapartist, but due to a brain tumor, he could only signal with his eyes. In his eyes, he gave all his emotion and had a language in which his responses or requests would be deciphered from how he blinked them.

                        greeneyes                 violeteyes

Now, I found all of this to be fascinating! It made me very interested to look practice this secret language and interpret other’s moods or feelings. For example, when someone blinks a lot, they are nervous or sad, when they blink very once in a while, they are focused, entertained or bored, and when their eyes narrow, they are annoyed or agitated. Until now, I didn’t know that there were so many ways to tell someone by their eyes until now, and that makes me have a new appreciation for TCOMC.

So dear reader, I decided to make a quiz! This took quite some time and so I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

QUIZ: What is your TRUE eye color?

1. Which would you rather have for breakfast?

a.      blueberry muffins                           b.       blueberrypancakes

c.           spicecake                  d.      oatmeal



2.                What country would you rather visit?

a. Spain  barcelona         b. Norway norway


c.       Ireland     ireland     d.         Japan     japan


3. Which animal best represents you?

a. bear   bear

Characteristics: Protective, confident, self-reliant, courage, and strength

b.   dog       germanshepard

Characteristics: Loyal, athletic, obedient, playful, and outgoing


c. cat  kittymeow

Characteristics: Sensitive, independent,  curious, and watchful

d.  falcon

Characteristics: Determined, confident, and a hard worker.



4. If you were stranded on a lonely island with only a few supplies for a year, who would you choose to accompany you (Their eye color is not a factor)?


a.  Selena Gomez selenagomez         b. Ryan Gosling ryangosling


c. Santana from ‘Glee’ santana           d. Hillary Clinton  hillaryclinton




Mostly A’s: Brown




  • You are a confident, proud individual  and almost always find a way to fit in. In addition, people often see you as  trustworthy, and though you seem to be doing fine on the outside, you face quite a few insecurities and doubts, and are afraid to open up, and see it as a risk of losing face. Don’t be afraid to open up every once in a while: Everyone has issues, and the best way to get over them is to share them with others.


Mostly B’s: Blue





  • You are a great friend, energetic, and always fun to be around. You also tend to be expressive in your emotions, and sometimes this has the potential to take a toll on your relationships with others. Next time before being quick to act on your judgment, take a deep breath and count to 10.



Mostly C’s: Green


  • You are a vibrant, create, person and are very passionate in what you do. People are naturally drawn to you, and you are unafraid to be unique, and when insulted, you almost always find a witty comeback that makes them look like a fool. You are watchful and wary however, and sometimes indecisiveness can be a problem. Next time when faced with a difficult decision, consider the choices and make a decision and form a Plan B.


Mostly D’s: Black


  • You are a determined, hardworking person and  often like to deal with problems as they come rather then wait around for it to solve itself. Sometimes you are not very patient and it is hard to wait in long lines, and when someone is demonstrating bad leadership, you are unafraid to step up and take charge. Your biggest fear is not reaching your potential, and you see this as hurtful in your chances of standing out among the crowd to succeed. Don’t regard not reaching your goals as ultimate failure or lack of talent; Overtime, take baby steps little by little, and with patience, see it expand to what you’ve dreamed it could be.


Ties: Hazel Eyes



You are a little bit of everything: Confident, passionate, hardworking, and yes, maybe a little bit insecure. But you never back down from a fight, and are willing to prove yourself as the best. Sometimes you can have a short temper as well. You love experimenting with different things and the idea of an adventure, so your curiosity plays a large role in your life and your relationships with others. Although this enables you to a wide range of experiences, some old dogs should just be left to rest. Next time when struck by desire to delve further into an issue, consider whether it would be worth the risk.


Lifetime Goal; Learning Russian

Hi guys! Or should I say привет (pree-vee-et)! Because I have decided to learn Russian! Now I know that some of you guys may be thinking “Why Russian? They’ve invaded Crimea, they’re communists, they hate Americans, and its only spoken by one country, which is super cold and ugly! AH-em <cough cough> First of all, it is the Russian government that invaded Crimea, NOT the Russian people. Secondly, so what if they’re communists? That’s their government, its just different from ours. Thirdly, Russian is VERY similar to  other Slavic languages such as Ukrainian and Latvian, so it is a high possibility that if I become fluent in Russian, it shouldn’t be that difficult in learning those languages. And lastly, Russia is BEAUTIFUL! You who think that have obviously not been to Russia.


 russianwinter        stpetersburg

russiamountains            moscow

So as I said  before,   Russian’s a Slavic language, and right now in school I’m learning Spanish, a romantic language. My home language is obviously English, a Germanic language, which is similar to Spanish in many aspects, but in comparison, Russian is a Germanic language on steroids; There’s a new alphabet called Cyrillic, you have to use the throat a lot more, etc. But it just sounds so……I don’t know just beautiful. 🙂

So maybe I’ll major in Russian in college then move to Russia for a year to make some friends, become fluent in Russian, visit St. Petersburg and Moscow, see Lenin’s body, ride a dog sled, go skiing in Sochi, relax in a sauna, watch a ballet show and open up a pancake house. Who knows? So if any of you reading this post would like to give me some pointers on my journey through the Russian language, feel free because I’ve just started!

So I have to go now to work on my English BRAWL questions 😛 But I’ll keep you guys updated with my progress and hopefully become fully immersed in Russian before I’m thirty.  Until then, до свидания, (doh-svee-dah-nee-yah)!