The Language of the Eye

So I’ve just finished reading Chapter 46 of the Count of Monte Cristo! And to think that even though its an English Honors novel, I actually like the book! No more boring tragedies and romances, and its also easy to understand, unlike A Tale of Two Cities, where its so hard to comprehend what’s going on half the time. One of the characters is  Monsieur Noirtier, who is the father of Villefort, the man who had condemned Dantes to imprisonment simply because the letter he was accused of carrying contained information that would bring shame to his family. Noirtier is an old man, and was once an active Bonapartist, but due to a brain tumor, he could only signal with his eyes. In his eyes, he gave all his emotion and had a language in which his responses or requests would be deciphered from how he blinked them.

                        greeneyes                 violeteyes

Now, I found all of this to be fascinating! It made me very interested to look practice this secret language and interpret other’s moods or feelings. For example, when someone blinks a lot, they are nervous or sad, when they blink very once in a while, they are focused, entertained or bored, and when their eyes narrow, they are annoyed or agitated. Until now, I didn’t know that there were so many ways to tell someone by their eyes until now, and that makes me have a new appreciation for TCOMC.

So dear reader, I decided to make a quiz! This took quite some time and so I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

QUIZ: What is your TRUE eye color?

1. Which would you rather have for breakfast?

a.      blueberry muffins                           b.       blueberrypancakes

c.           spicecake                  d.      oatmeal



2.                What country would you rather visit?

a. Spain  barcelona         b. Norway norway


c.       Ireland     ireland     d.         Japan     japan


3. Which animal best represents you?

a. bear   bear

Characteristics: Protective, confident, self-reliant, courage, and strength

b.   dog       germanshepard

Characteristics: Loyal, athletic, obedient, playful, and outgoing


c. cat  kittymeow

Characteristics: Sensitive, independent,  curious, and watchful

d.  falcon

Characteristics: Determined, confident, and a hard worker.



4. If you were stranded on a lonely island with only a few supplies for a year, who would you choose to accompany you (Their eye color is not a factor)?


a.  Selena Gomez selenagomez         b. Ryan Gosling ryangosling


c. Santana from ‘Glee’ santana           d. Hillary Clinton  hillaryclinton




Mostly A’s: Brown




  • You are a confident, proud individual  and almost always find a way to fit in. In addition, people often see you as  trustworthy, and though you seem to be doing fine on the outside, you face quite a few insecurities and doubts, and are afraid to open up, and see it as a risk of losing face. Don’t be afraid to open up every once in a while: Everyone has issues, and the best way to get over them is to share them with others.


Mostly B’s: Blue





  • You are a great friend, energetic, and always fun to be around. You also tend to be expressive in your emotions, and sometimes this has the potential to take a toll on your relationships with others. Next time before being quick to act on your judgment, take a deep breath and count to 10.



Mostly C’s: Green


  • You are a vibrant, create, person and are very passionate in what you do. People are naturally drawn to you, and you are unafraid to be unique, and when insulted, you almost always find a witty comeback that makes them look like a fool. You are watchful and wary however, and sometimes indecisiveness can be a problem. Next time when faced with a difficult decision, consider the choices and make a decision and form a Plan B.


Mostly D’s: Black


  • You are a determined, hardworking person and  often like to deal with problems as they come rather then wait around for it to solve itself. Sometimes you are not very patient and it is hard to wait in long lines, and when someone is demonstrating bad leadership, you are unafraid to step up and take charge. Your biggest fear is not reaching your potential, and you see this as hurtful in your chances of standing out among the crowd to succeed. Don’t regard not reaching your goals as ultimate failure or lack of talent; Overtime, take baby steps little by little, and with patience, see it expand to what you’ve dreamed it could be.


Ties: Hazel Eyes



You are a little bit of everything: Confident, passionate, hardworking, and yes, maybe a little bit insecure. But you never back down from a fight, and are willing to prove yourself as the best. Sometimes you can have a short temper as well. You love experimenting with different things and the idea of an adventure, so your curiosity plays a large role in your life and your relationships with others. Although this enables you to a wide range of experiences, some old dogs should just be left to rest. Next time when struck by desire to delve further into an issue, consider whether it would be worth the risk.



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